Crocheted iPad Cover

Crocheted iPad Cover

My beloved iPad gets a lot of daily use, so much so that the cover I bought for it started to disintegrate a couple of weeks ago. It still protects the iPad, but it just looks a bit shabby. Why not crochet a new one for it, I thought! Continue reading

The Knitted Enchanted Wood

The Spring 2019 Knitting and Stitching Show

I nearly didn’t book for the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show this year, but as I was visiting an exhibition in London the same weekend it was on, I decided to pop along. I wasn’t after any supplies, and none of the available workshops appealed to me, so I really just wanted to get some inspiration, see the textile galleries and catch anything of interest in the Creative Living Theatre. Continue reading

Norfolk Makers' Festival

Norfolk Makers’ Festival

I had a lovely day yesterday in sunny Norwich, at the Norfolk Makers’ Festival. It’s been running at The Forum for the last two weeks, but it had only just come to my attention when I saw one of the displays featured on television. Continue reading

Spicier Life Part Five Crochet Blanket

A Spicier Life – part five

It’s been ages since I did any of my Spicier Life blanket. I’ve now completed part five, which means that I just have the borders left to crochet. Part five introduced some long ladder stitches and rippling waves and repeated the lattice stripes and granny stitches from part one.

Spicier Life Part Five Crochet Blanket

It’s called the Spicier Life blanket because it takes inspiration from the sights and flavour of India. I say blanket, but it’s really more of a throw. The finished article is going to be teeny tiny (just under 1 x 1.5m) which is a little disappointing, but I’ve enjoyed making it.

Crocheted octopus innocent Big Knit

The Big Knit is Back!

Back in 2003, innocent invited people to make little woolly hats as part of their Big Knit campaign. The hats were put on their smoothie bottles and for each drink sold, 25p was donated to Age UK. Since then 7.5 million hats have been made, and nearly £2.5 million has been raised.  Continue reading