Brenda at the beach

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making this voluptuous lady, using a pattern from a book by Anja Toonen – Fat Fabulous Ladies.


I wanted to use some wool from my stash so this meant that I would need to use a larger hook than the one recommended and would end up with a slightly larger, even more fabulous, lady.

I started with the head and wonderful curly hair, which is created with lengths of chains, slipstitched to the head. The lady in the book didn’t have a mouth, but I thought she would look nice with some ruby red lips.


Then came the body – my goodness they are big pants!


Ooh missus, cover up girl!


Sun’s out, shades and hat on. Mmm, a nice ice cream to cool down.


Brenda has been great fun to make and I got to use techniques that I haven’t tried previously which has given me some inspiration for future projects.

I haven’t done a huge amount of amigurumi but I found the pattern fairly easy to follow, however there were times when more detailed instructions would have been helpful, particularly with the accessories and when joining the pieces together. I managed to muddle my way through and I’m very pleased with the result.

There are patterns for several ladies included in the book, along with accessories and furniture, and I thoroughly recommend it if you want to try something a bit different.

Which one to make next?


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