A Heart for Manchester

It’s difficult to find the words to describe the awfulness of what happened at Manchester Arena last month. You feel so helpless in such a dreadful situation. So when I saw a request asking crafters to help fill Manchester with hearts, I knew that I wanted to get involved.


Beth Clarke raised the idea on Instagram asking for hearts, crafted in any way, to be sent to her.


The hearts are going to be distributed throughout Manchester city centre and handed out to people around the arena. As Beth says in her post

Of course, this is never going to make it all ok, but it’s little acts of kindness from people all over the world, that will hopefully remind us, that there is still a lot of good left!

There are only a couple more days to send Beth your creations – Monday 5 June is the last posting date. At the time of writing, she had received over 15,000 hearts in just over a week, from all across the world.


A map of the contributors’ locations

This map of contributors in the UK is just amazing. It’s lovely to be part of such a positive community of like-minded crafty folk.


Over the past few weeks I’ve taken such comfort from being able to work on my crochet; it’s really helped to take my mind off things during a very difficult time. I hope that these little hearts, in some small way, give some comfort to the people of Manchester.



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