Soap making

My first attempt at making soap was not good. After attending a taster session held at a local college, I ended up spending a Saturday evening in A&E, followed by a trip to a specialist burns hospital and a visit to a plastic surgeon! Undeterred by this, I was still keen to make my own soap the ‘safe’ way, without using any of the nasty chemicals that can burn your skin.

Handmade cherry soap

So four years after my first effort, I asked my sister for a soap making kit for my birthday. The kit came from a Cumbrian company called Bee Beautiful; a company that prides itself on using the purest of ingredients. It came with all the raw materials needed to make two different types of soap: green apple and cherry.

Bee Beautiful Soap Making Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to get started

I decided to start with the cherry fragrance, which I added to the melted beeswax and soap base, along with pink colouring, poppy seeds and some honey.

Melting the soap base

Melting the soap base and beeswax

The mixture was poured in to a mould and left to set overnight so I had a long, impatient wait before I could try it.

And the verdict…

Handmade cherry soap


…it smells wonderful, is lovely to use and the poppy seeds work as a great exfoliant.

I’m looking forward to making the next batch with the green apple fragrance, which will be perfect for autumn. Perhaps I could decorate those ones with a slice of dried apple, or a cinnamon stick… hmm ideas, ideas. Now I’ve got the know-how, I’ll definitely make more soap in the future and experiment with different fragrances and botanicals. The possibilities are endless.

Making soap is fun and easy, and you can definitely achieve great results without the nasty chemicals.



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