Robotime DIY Dollhouse Kit Lisa's Tailor

A miniature magical world

Both of my older sisters had dolls’ houses when they were little, but I never had one. I’m ok with that. No, really, it’s ok. *goes and sits in the corner and weeps for a while* 

Back in the 90s, a build-your-own dolls’ house magazine was launched. With each edition, you collected an item, which built up to make a dolls’ house and all of the furniture to go inside. I thought this would be a good way to make my own house, though ultimately it worked out to be an expensive way to do it. I persevered, and after a couple of years, it was finished. I was delighted with it, and it gave me an introduction to the world of miniatures.

Del Prado DIY Dolls House

My Del Prado DIY Dolls House, where it’s always Christmas

I soon came to understand just how big the miniatures scene was! Close to me, was a regular, well-attended, dolls’ house fair, where you could buy anything and everything for your house. There was also a great local shop, Maple Street, which I’m pleased to see is still there.

After the dolls’ house, I created a couple of miniature shops, but my favourite projects were an allotment and a pub.


Life got in the way, and new hobbies came and took over, so the world of miniatures sat on the back burner with the promise to myself that I would complete all those unfinished projects one day (I will, honest).

So, while I was doing some Christmas shopping, I saw this…

Robotime DIY Dollhouse Kit Lisa's Tailor

Robotime DIY House – Lisa’s Tailor

It literally had my name all over it.

Knowing that I wanted to keep myself busy over Christmas, I treated myself to it, thinking it would keep me occupied for a couple of days. I thought it would be an easy ‘slot a’ goes into ‘slot b’ sort of project, but there was much more to it than that. While it wasn’t difficult to make, the instructions were a bit lacking in places.

It came in lots and lots of pieces, ready for assembly.

Robotime Lisa's tailor contents

Three weeks later and it’s finished! It’s a mini world of fabulousness!!!

Lisa's tailor shop

Look at the little dresser! Look at the little worktable!!

Miniature dresser and worktable

Look at the little balls of wool!!!

Miniature tailor's workshop

There’s even a light that works!!!!

Miniature tailor's workshop at night

You can probably tell that I’m very pleased with it and it’s fuelled my enthusiasm for the miniature world again.

Have any of you ventured into the world of miniatures?






3 thoughts on “A miniature magical world

  1. Pancho

    I so understand the fascination. I had two doll houses as a kid, one built by my stepfather that slid under my bed (I played and rearranged from the top, almost like looking at a blueprint) and a smaller one with a light that was inhabited by toy mice in victorian clothes. I spent hours and hours as a kid making stuff for these environments. My step dad made an underbed house for my best friend as well, and we used to trade the things we made. Such fun.

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