Shaggy rag rug heart

Show the Love

Have you spotted any green hearts this Valentine’s Day?

Over the last few years, hundreds of people have been making and sharing green hearts to raise awareness and begin conversations about the impact that climate change is having on all the things we love. 

You can read more about the campaign here.

I really enjoyed making my two green hearts. One of the suggested projects for the campaign was a rag rug heart. I love rag rugging, so I didn’t waste any time getting started.

Rag rug tools

Rag rug tools – hessian, gauge, proddy tool, latch hook

If you’ve never rag rugged before, the good news is that you don’t need lots of expensive tools. You will need a piece of hessian and something to use to poke your fabric scraps through it. I got my proddy tool at a course I attended ages ago, but you can get similar tools online. The gauge isn’t necessary, but it does help to keep your rags a consistent length.

Rag rug fabric gauge

I already had some hessian heart shapes that I bought a while ago from Hobbycraft, and I had plenty of green scrap fabric. I made the first heart shaggy rag rug style – this is my favourite method. It’s very tactile. I can’t walk by it without ruffling it.

Shaggy rag rug heart

Shaggy rag rug heart

The second heart was loopy rag rug style, which I hadn’t tried before. I used a latch hook for this one but found it a bit more fiddly. For this type of rag rug, you use a longer strip of fabric and pull loops through the hessian. There are instructions for this heart, and other projects, here and there are plenty of good tips and tutorials on the Ragged Life blog.

Loopy rag rug heart

Loopy rag rug heart

What I love most about rag rugging is that it’s suitable for all ages and all skill levels. It’s completely immersive and I thoroughly recommend you give it a go.





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