Finished moorland blanket

Moorland stripe blanket

I actually finished making this blanket in the summer, but it didn’t seem quite right to blog about it while the weather was warm! 

The blanket is designed by one of my favourite bloggers, Lucy from Attic24. It was part of an 8-week CAL that started at the beginning of 2017. I started off with good intentions to craft along, but soon got left behind. It took me quite a long time to make, as the rows are long and I didn’t have a great attention span! It went on the back burner several times while I got on with other projects.

Moorland blanket

For some reason, I really struggled to reach the correct number of stitches for each row, and I ended up having to frog them several times. I tried using stitch markers to keep track, and that helped a bit. I think my problem was either not starting or finishing in the correct stitch of the previous row. Apart from this, it was a simple pattern to follow!

Moorland crochet blanketThe colours depict the summer landscape of Yorkshire, where Lucy lives. You have earthy browns, green grasses, purple heathers and blue sky. The neat wave pattern represents the rolling scenery of the moors.

I’m glad I persevered with it as we’ve had some bitterly cold days this week, so it has been put to very good use!





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