King Cole Riot Chunky Yarn - Moors

Not another hat and scarf

I love King Cole Riot Chunky yarn, it comes in such a lovely range of colours. I bought some of the moors shade ages ago and I’ve been looking lovingly at it all this time, not exactly sure what I’d make with it. I have a gazillion scarves and hats that I’ve either knitted or crocheted, and I don’t really wear hats anyway. 

So that’s what I decided to make – another hat and scarf.

The bricks and lattice scarf came from a free pattern. It was an easy pattern to follow, but one where I had to concentrate as each row in the four-row sequence, was very slightly different.

Bricks and Lattice Scarf

The yarn is so soft and the colours blend beautifully

I’m really pleased with it and have worn it lots of times already.

Bricks and lattice pattern scarf

The puff-stitch hat was an easy make and also came from another free pattern. I started off making the smaller size, but that was a bit too tight. I changed to the large size but now it’s a little bit too big but, bearing in mind the number of times I’m actually likely to wear it, it will do just fine!


If you’ve made anything using this yarn, I’d love to see your projects.





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