Crochet pot holder

Quick crochet pot holder

Just before Christmas, I popped into Wilko to get some bits and pieces for the kitchen. On my way to the checkout, I noticed they were selling yarn. I didn’t need any, but it was cheap, and it was Christmas, and it looked pretty, so I bought a ball. My original plan was to use it to crochet some gift tags, but I ran out of time, so it ended up going in with the rest of my stash.

When I was making my puff-stitch hat recently, I noticed that the pattern started producing a hexagonal shape, which I thought would work perfectly for a pot holder. I remembered the yarn that I had bought and thought the colours would fit in well with my kitchen.

So I got to work, starting off by following the puff-stitch hat pattern, and then just crocheting increase rows until it was the size that I wanted. I finished it off with a row of double crochet and a few chain stitches to create a loop so that I can hang it up when it’s not being used. The yarn was ok to work with, considering its price, but I would probably only use it again for this sort of project, I don’t think that it would feel all that nice to wear. It’s perfect for a pot holder though!


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