Lime scented handmade soap

Handmade Lime Soap

I’ve had another go at making soap. This time I made lime-scented bars, using a clear melt and pour base, green colouring, and lime fragrance. 

I thought I’d have a go at adding some decorative lime, which I dried in the microwave. Despite following a tutorial on YouTube, I had mixed success with this as only one of the slices looked ok, and a further three were salvageable. The rest either turned brown or had broken down so much that I couldn’t use them. I wasn’t too disappointed as soap making is still new to me, so I’m expecting a bit of trial and error. I might try just adding lime zest next time to see how that works.

Lime scented soap

I melted the base in the microwave and added only a few drops of colouring, as I wanted a pale green colour, and enough drops of the fragrance until I got the strength of aroma that I was after. I placed the lime slices in the mould and poured the mixture over them and left the soap to set.

And ta-dah!

Lime scented handmade soap

It smells nice, and the soap base is lovely – it doesn’t leave my skin dry, like some shop-bought soaps.

I’m really enjoying experimenting with making soap. I can’t see myself going back to the branded stuff anytime soon!




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