Decorated notebooks

Pimped up notebooks

Last year, when I was having a declutter around the house, I kept coming across lots of notepads that my dad had picked up from various conferences when he was working. A little notebook is always handy to have, but these ones are a bit dull, so they’ve just sat in a pile not being used. 


A few weeks later, by sheer coincidence, I saw an article about using decorative papers to make customised pads. I remembered that I had some old craft magazines that had pages of patterned paper in the back of them. I was never really sure what to do with the craft papers, but I’m glad I hung on to them. I cut the papers to size and stuck them to the front and back covers of the pads. And, voila…

Decorated notebooks

I know that paper crafters would have given them a more professional finish, but I’m pleased with them. They look so much better now, and I’m much more likely to pick them up and use them. In fact, the hardback notebook has become my ideas book for the garden – like Pinterest, but in book form!







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