Shaggy rag rug cushion

Shaggy rag rug cushion

I started this rag rug cushion a few years ago and, like so many of my projects, it ended up being put on the back burner. I was inspired to finish it after seeing rag rugging on prime time TV a few weeks ago on Make! Craft Britain, and also recently having completed a couple of small rag rug projects

It was so long ago since I started this, but I think I planned to have a brown cross on the cushion, with each quarter having a circle of brown in its centre, surrounded by green. It soon became apparent though that I wasn’t going to have enough of the green fabric to do this, so I had to have a rethink.

Although the idea behind rag rugging is to use up old unwanted fabric, I bought the green and brown material (cheap pillowcases) when I started the project, so there was no chance that I’d be able to get more of the same – I did optimistically check a few sites! I remembered that I had some old sheets but didn’t hold out much hope that I’d have anything suitable, however I was delighted when I came across an old cream sheet that’s definitely past its best. So I started ripping it up ready to use and I’m really pleased with the outcome. This design makes me want to try a stained-glass effect, or Rennie Mackintosh style, pattern in the future.

Shaggy rag rug cushion close up

I love rag rugging, but the only drawback with using cotton fabric is being covered in strands of thread. I’ve given the cushion several good shakes outside and think the worst of it has gone now!

I’m working on a smaller rag rugging upcycling project, which is a bit of an experiment – I’ll let you know how I get on with it!







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