Crochet bunting

Making ‘not too bad’ look better

I mentioned earlier in the year that I had to have a lot of work done in the garden last autumn, removing trees and hedges. This also meant that I had to have some fencing put up to replace the hedge. The fence is starting to grow on me, and it does look quite golden when the sun shines on it, it’s just that there’s a lot of it and unfortunately I have another side of the garden that’s yet to be done. We’ve had some beautiful weather recently, and during one such sunny spell, I decided to break up the long stretch of fencing by painting one of the panels. After the first coat, I had one of those this looks awful, I wish I hadn’t started moments, but I persevered with another couple of coats, and now it doesn’t look too bad.

But what can you do to make ‘not too bad’ look better? Add bunting of course! So over the course of a few evenings, I crocheted a load of triangles, using the patterns below.

Crocheted bunting triangles

I then joined the triangles with a row of chains and a single row of double crochet. And, ta-dah…

Crochet bunting

These were the patterns I used, or adapted.


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