Spicier Life part 3

A Spicier Life – part three

I’ve been in a bit of a crafting rut of late, not feeling like picking up any of my works in progress. 

On a particularly humid day last week, when it was really too hot to do anything, I decided to pick up my Spicier Life blanket and complete part three. I don’t do ‘doing nothing’ very well – I like to keep busy. Whenever I’m feeling restless, crochet is such a good distraction for me. A couple of rows in and I was feeling so much happier. While the colours of the yarn aren’t ones that I would ordinarily choose, I just love this pattern. As I’ve said before the rows are quite short, and the combination of stitches really keeps me hooked 😉 .

The stitches are all easy to master, especially with the clear instructions and photographs that accompany the pattern.

Spicier Life part 3

Part three comprised 29 rows and introduced popcorn stitch, more bobbles, waves and lattice stripes. Believe it or not, the most difficult part was a ‘simple’ row of trebles. However hard I thought I was concentrating I kept on missing stitches from the previous row so had to keep pulling the trebles out to redo them several times!

A Spicier Life – part one

A Spicier Life – part two



2 thoughts on “A Spicier Life – part three

  1. marissafh

    I know what you mean about crafting ruts and ‘doing nothing’. I’ve picked up hook and yarn and just started chaining, just so my hands are doing something. Sometimes it stays on the hook long enough to be something, more often than not, it’s frogged the next time I pick it up 🙂 I should try this spicy blanket – and add it to the other xx-number of WIPs !

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