Garden twine dream catcher

A garden dream catcher

I saw these dream catchers on Pinterest a while back and wanted to try making one with the garden twine that I had left over from my upcycling project

I bought a large embroidery hoop and just used its inner ring – I have plans for using the outer ring to create a crochet mandala.

Dream catcher hoop

I began by wrapping the twine all the way around the hoop. I then tied lots of lengths evenly around the top half, dividing some of them to make smaller ‘branches’. Coloured beads were threaded on to some of the thinner strands before they were secured on the hoop. I plaited some of the strands to create thicker ‘branches’ before plaiting all of them together to form the trunk. The trunk was secured by wrapping more twine around it to hold it in place.

Dream catcher in progressThe ends were messy, where I’d tied the twine on the top half of the hoop. I’d planned to hide them round the back and glue them in place, but the glue wouldn’t hold. I couldn’t weave the ends in either, so I carefully wrapped twine around the whole hoop again to hide them, which was easier said than done!

Garden twine dream catcher

It was quite a fiddly, and messy project (the twine sheds dust everywhere!) but I’m pleased with the result. Its new home is on the door of the garden shed, where it looks quite fitting.




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