Handmade garden wreath 2018

My Christmas Wreath

I’ve been experimenting this week with a craft that’s new to me – wreath making, and not of the woolly variety.

A few weeks ago I was tidying the garden and cutting back some plants. I was just about to throw everything in my green bin when I noticed that the cuttings, all jumbled together, looked like the perfect components for a rustic Christmas wreath.

I’ve made plenty of crafty wreaths before, but never one using real foliage. While I was thinking about how I would construct it, I started to gather some bits and pieces to decorate it. I had my heart set on adding some pine cones but thought it might be too late in the year to find any. Luckily a visit to a local park proved me wrong – I managed to get a variety of sizes, plus some fallen London plane fruits and a couple of other unidentifiable items!

I formed some of the more pliable stems and dogwood cuttings into a circle and secured them by wrapping longer strands around them. The base soon started to build up into a sturdy structure and, to be perfectly honest, I would have been happy to leave it like this.

Handmade Christmas Wreath Base

I wrapped some ivy around the wreath and threaded it through the stems. It all seems to be staying in place.

Handmade Christmas Wreath With Ivy

I added the pinecones and other bits and pieces, tying them on with wire. They feel a bit loose, so might need reinforcing later.

Handmade Christmas Wreath With Ivy and Pinecones

I was pleased with how it was looking but thought it needed some colour. I don’t have any holly in the garden, but I do have some extremely prickly butcher’s-broom, which has lovely bright red berries.

Handmade garden wreath 2018


This project has been a complete experiment. I don’t know how well it will hold together, or how long it will last, but I’ve loved making it.

I’ll never look at garden cuttings the same again.


Cost of this project – £0

Satisfaction level – 10/10



Four months on and my wreath is still holding together and looking very rustic!

Christmas wreath four months on

Christmas wreath four months on


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