Crocheted iPad Cover

Crocheted iPad Cover

My beloved iPad gets a lot of daily use, so much so that the cover I bought for it started to disintegrate a couple of weeks ago. It still protects the iPad, but it just looks a bit shabby. Why not crochet a new one for it, I thought!

I used some Stylecraft Special Chunky yarn that was left over from an Attic24 weekend bag project that I made a while ago. I started with a chain of stitches that ran to the width of the iPad and then crocheted a round of half trebles into both sides. I continued, changing to a new colour after every three rows. I added a flap and a button that I found in my mum’s sewing box.

Crocheted iPad Cover

It was a lovely quick project that I completed over a couple of evenings. I crocheted some flowers to sew on to it, but they didn’t quite look right, so I left it as it is, looking bright and cheerful.





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