A rusty frame

My second attempt at upcycling

A few years ago, while clearing an overgrown corner at the bottom of the garden, I came across a small rusty frame made out of racking; something that my dad would have put together. I can’t remember seeing it in use in the garden, but I hung on to it, thinking it might come in handy one day. Two years on, I decided to have a go at making it into a table for the garden. The table didn’t need to be anything too fancy as all I plan to do is put pots of plants on it.

As you can see, the frame was in quite a poor state, so I removed as much rust as possible using that trusty multi-purpose product – vinegar – and lots of elbow grease!

Rusty frame

Then I spent several weeks waiting for an opportunity to spray paint the frame – wind and rain kept preventing me from making any progress.

Painted frame

In the meantime, I cut a piece of wood to fit in the top of the frame and painted this with some wood stain that was left over from a bench that I recently treated. The wood sits nicely in the frame, or at least it did after a few attempts and much recutting and sanding down! Thankfully the top doesn’t need to be permanently attached to the frame, which is just as well as the two pieces together are really heavy.



The table currently has lots of seedlings on it.



I have another frame that I’m going to make into another garden table, but this one needs further thought. The solid metal frame is a bit too narrow to be drilled (that is if I could even get a drill to go through it) and the top will definitely need to be secured to it. I have no idea how to go about doing this – suggestions welcome!

Total cost of this project – £5.00 for the spray paint.





1 thought on “My second attempt at upcycling

  1. Vicki Turner

    Really lovely Lisa! The industrial look is right on trend too. The metal base was part of a tower use to house a camera for a time lapse photographic project looking at passion flowers.

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