Crochet mandala tablecloth

Granny stitch tablecloth

My latest completed project is this granny stitch tablecloth which is covering my much-used stained and scratched garden table. It was a great yarn stash buster of a project. 

It started off life quite differently as a freeform crocheted mandala. I love mandalas, they’re so bright and colourful, especially the ones made using different stitch combinations. I started making this back in June 2017 and enjoyed adding more and more colourful rows over the following weeks.

Crochet mandala

As time went on, I got increasingly concerned about how much it was ruffling up. I thought I might be able to flatten it by blocking it, but unfortunately, that didn’t work.

Out of despair, I put it away in my craft box and got on with other projects. Every now and then it would catch my eye, and I would think about how I could fix it. Eventually, I decided that it was beyond repair and undid the rounds back to where it started to ruffle. This ended up being most of the mandala, so I gave up and frogged the whole thing!

I didn’t give up on the idea of making a tablecloth, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I decided to have a second attempt. This time I looked online for a pattern and came across this one from Crafternoon Treats.

Crochet mandala tablecloth

I more or less followed the pattern but added increase rows when I thought they were needed, rather than sticking strictly to the formula. It certainly seemed to stay flat after each round, but still needed a bit of blocking when I’d finished it. I left out the increase stitches in the last few rounds so that it would curl up at the edges and fit the shape of the table.

Crochet mandala tablecloth

Although it was a project two years in the making, in the end, it didn’t take too long to complete. I was mightily relieved when I came to fit it to the table for the first time and it actually stayed on!

Crochet mandala tablecloth



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