Deconstructed lavender and poppy head wreath

Summer wreaths

I can’t stop making wreaths.

Having created my first Christmas wreath, mostly from bits that were about to go in my green bin, I am now obsessed with keeping any garden waste that might be suitable to use. The garden shed is full of poppy heads, Chinese lanterns, and pinecones that I’ve picked up while I’ve been out and about. 

I’ve deadheaded my eryngium, which I think is going to look fab in a winter wreath. I’m now on the lookout for conkers and acorns to make an autumn wreath.


I love this eryngium (Miss Willmott’s Ghost) – it’s so photogenic

Over the summer, I’ve attempted two more wreaths made entirely from plants in my garden. The first one was made using sweet peas. It was an experiment to see how strong the stems would be when wound around each other to make a base. It worked well, but it didn’t last long, as to be expected.

Sweet pea wreath

This week I made another wreath using some poppy heads and lavender. I had so many poppies in my wildlife patch this year and I spent many a happy hour watching the bees buzz around them. I kept pretty much all of the poppy heads, planning to do something crafty with them.

For this wreath, I used a base that I made from a passionflower vine. It’s a very lightweight base so I knew I wouldn’t be able to add anything too heavy to it.

Deconstructed lavender and poppy head wreath

I tied small bunches of lavender and poppy heads together with garden twine and then tied each bundle to the base. I used garden twine rather than florist wire so that the wreath would be fully biodegradable.

Lavender and dried poppy heads

I ran out of lavender, so it ended up a bit uneven.

Lavender and poppy head wreath

I love experimenting with this new craft. I’ve booked myself on to a wreath making class in December, so I can learn how to do it properly and hopefully pick up lots of hints and tips.





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