Crocheted sea creatures

Under the sea

A quick side project for a little person who loves the seaside.

Crocheted seaweed

Crocheted seaweed adapted from a Lion Brand Yarn pattern.

Crocheted anenomite

Crocheted anenomites from Ramsileigh Designs.

Crocheted fish

Two different patterns for fish from Suvi’s Crochet.

Crocheted coral

Coral from Golden Lucy Crafts and sea urchin from Cyra Lewis.

Crocheted jellyfish

I was really pleased with the first jellyfish (the one on the left) until I found the pattern for the one I made in white yarn, which looked far better!

Crocheted starfish

I think this pattern was from Lovable Loops.

Crocheted octopus

I love this octopus pattern.

Under the sea

I hope the little person likes them as much as I enjoyed making them.




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