Autumn wreath

An Autumn Wreath

Ever since I created my winter wreath last year, I’ve been on the lookout for things that I might be able to use in future projects. I now have a big stash of pinecones, conkers, seed heads, and various plants that have been drying in the shed.

After getting some inspiration from Pinterest, I played around with some of the things that I’ve collected, trying to see how they might fit together.

I started by drilling holes into conkers and conker shells and threading florists’ wire through them so that they could be attached to the wreath base.

Autumn wreath

I then added some eryngium heads, pinecones, and Chinese lanterns – I love the pops of colour that these bring. Acorns and beech tree seeds filled in some of the gaps. I wove in a few wheat heads and then secured bunches of crocosmia seed heads to the back of the base. I couldn’t decide whether to tie these down a bit more, but I quite like the rustic way they’ve spread, so I’ve left them as they are.

Autumn wreath

It was quite a painful make! The base didn’t have much give in it, so trying to weave things into it was tricky. Also, the eryngiums and conker shells are SO SHARP, and I pierced my fingers and thumbs numerous times.

Autumn wreath

It won’t be long now until I make my next winter wreath. I’m also thinking about making one of those hanging wall trees, which I’ll decorate with my leftover cones and conkers.





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