Lockdown Cottage

Lockdown Cottage

Ok. So this is FAR from perfect, but it’s my first attempt at anything like this. 

I have lots of offcuts of wood, old cans of paint and bits and bobs hanging around at home. Inspired by the likes of Kirsty Elson, I’ve long wanted to have a go at using them to make some little houses.

It all started off ok until I got to the windows.

Oh the windows.

I could not get them how I wanted them to look. They started off as blue squares, which looked messy and really uneven (not cute uneven). So I painted over them and tried again using masking tape. The paint bled under the tape! So I started again and tried to neaten the edges with lines of white paint. It kind of worked, but I still didn’t like them.

Lockdown Cottage

I drew on black crosses to divide the windows. Still didn’t like them. Painted over them again and used a gel pen to add white crosses, but you could barely see them. Painted all over again with white paint and drew on black windows with a marker pen. Better, but still not quite what I wanted. Tried to paint white lines across the window with a cocktail stick, but the white lines were just blobby.

Lockdown Cottage

Went over it all again with white paint and then drew 16 little squares, as you can see now. I still don’t like the windows, and I’m not really sure how to do them neatly, but I am going to attempt some more little houses.


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