Bee and wildflower embroidery

Bee happy

I’ve been using the opportunity of having a bit more time to complete a few of the kits that I have acquired over the years.

Bee and wildflower embroidery

This was quite an easy embroidery kit, which came from Oh Sew Bootiful. It was easy in that the pattern was printed onto the fabric, making it a little bit like embroidery by numbers. I’m not the neatest at embroidery and don’t do a lot of it generally, but it was nice to practise all the different stitches. My French knots have improved significantly!

Bee and wildflower embroidery

The picture pretty much encapsulates the wildlife patch that I have in my garden. The patch is currently full of poppies, nigella, daisies, and one lone gigantic hollyhock. The bees have been happily buzzing around them every morning.




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