Christmas collage

Christmas makes 2020

I don’t seem to have done much Christmas crafting this year. Last year I took so much inspiration from the crafters who appeared on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas and was bursting with ideas for things that I wanted to make. It didn’t have the same effect on me this year and, what with one thing and another, I just don’t feel very festive at the moment.

However it hasn’t all been gloomy, sorting out my lovely new craft room has meant that I can now find things more easily, and I’ve discovered bits that I bought ages ago that I had completely forgotten about, like these card embellishments.  

Handmade Christmas cards 2020
2020 Christmas Cards

I made a new card holder, as last year’s…

Christmas cardholder

…was repurposed into this, which is hanging up outside on the shed…

Christmas tree decoration

This was created from pieces left over from the five Christmas wreaths that I made this year. The wreaths were all made out of plants from my garden and bits found while out walking.

My new card holder was made from an old plastic poster holder. It was a bit manky, so I covered it in sparkly white yarn and added a couple of sprigs of crocheted holly. I tied lengths of festive ribbon around it and held the cards in place with tiny gold pegs. All of these were things that I had kept, knowing they would come in useful one day. 

I am quite mortified by how much stuff I have in my craft room. I have a whole drawer full of either half-finished or not-even-started kits, which I plan to work through next year. It has been quite satisfying to use up some of the craft-stash that I have without jumping online to buy even more things. In fact, I think my entire Christmas crafting, except for one reel of florist wire, has been made using things that I already had.  

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and that 2021 will be a little less stressful for us all.


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