UFO number one Christmas cross stitch kit

Unfinished object number one

Now that my craft room is pretty much in order, pending the delivery of a new sofa (hopefully this month), I’ve been able to properly sort out all of my craft things stashed in various places around the house. 

I’ve mentioned before how mortified I am at just how much craft stuff I have, including an entire drawer full of unopened kits and unfinished projects. With various levels of lockdown continuing, it seems the perfect opportunity to get as many of them started/finished while I can. So that’s the plan for this year. For now, anyway.

This is the first one that I picked up, which I believe I bought for Christmas 2019 (remember those innocent days?). I expect I stopped doing it due to poor light in whichever room I was working in (I do remember searching online for magnifying craft lights at one stage), or (more likely) something new and shiny grabbed my attention. Either way, it got put on the back burner.

I wonder how long it will take me to finish? Let’s see if I actually get it done before next Christmas.


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