Craft room

Another finished project (sort of)

It’s taken a while for me to finish my craft room.

Decorating was completed in August, but then I had a long wait until I could get new flooring in. This eventually arrived in November, by which point I could order some new furniture. I already had a work surface, but I needed to get a chair, and I really fancied having a small comfy sofa and a coffee table, oh and how about a fancy pegboard as well?

Craft room

I moved a small bookcase in from another room, which is now full of my craft books. I can actually find them all in one place now. There’s also a large wardrobe, which was already in the room but is now full of yarn, fabric and unfinished kits (see previous post).

Having a sparkling new craft room means that I can make some accessories for it.

Pompom coasters

These coasters were the first things that I made in my craft room. I bought the bases and tiny pompoms years ago. One of my many unfinished projects, now completed. I do finish things eventually, they just might take a few years, that’s all.

I wanted to make life easy and buy some curtains, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked, so I bought some fabric to match the paper on the feature wall and made some instead. They’re not perfect, but they’re ok. I had some material left over, so I made a cushion for the sofa.

Craft room

I also made a throw from different granny squares, using up yarn from my stash in colours to complement those in the feature wall. I used various patterns freely available online, but perhaps should have spent a bit more time getting measurements right. It needed quite a lot of blocking, and it’s still a bit lumpy in places. Oh well, it’s only me that’s going to see it. 

Granny square throw

I also had this tatty waste bin, which I nearly got rid of, but then decided to give it a second lease of life by covering it. Using up more of my yarn stash, I crocheted a cream cover and added some flowers, grasses and butterflies made using leftover yarn from my throw.

I am so happy in my craft room working away in my own little world, with the radio on for company. I think we could all do with our own little happy place right now.


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