Christmas embroidery kit

UFO number one completed

I enjoyed making this. I don’t do enough embroidery, but when I do, I’m always motivated to do more. 

Frustratingly, and I’ve had this problem before with Hobbycraft kits, not enough of one of the threads was provided – the main green one in this case. The pattern didn’t indicate which brand or colour it was, so I couldn’t order more even if I wanted to (which I didn’t). Luckily I realised fairly soon that I was going to run out. I was able to finish all of the wording in the same colour, and I managed to complete two quarters of the border with the remaining thread.

I finished the rest with a different green thread from my supplies. Although I must have about fifteen different green threads, none of them came close to matching. At least it looks balanced.

Very frustrating, Hobbycraft. The cynic in me thinks this is done on purpose to make you pop along to the shop and buy what is missing. Ha! Not this time fools!

Keeping with the cross stitch and Christmas theme, my next UFO is another Hobbycraft kit. It’s only little, so it won’t take long to do this one. I wonder what distracted me so much that I didn’t complete it first time round?


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