Robin cross stitch

UFO number two completed

So I worked out why I never completed this kit – one of the coloured threads was missing. Grr. It’s ended up being a very light brown coloured robin. 

But it’s quite fitting that it’s a picture of a robin as this weekend is RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch,  which I’ve participated in for the last few years. It’s a lovely way to spend an hour peering out into the garden and seeing which of my feathered friends makes an appearance. I’m hoping that I’ll see my gang of long-tailed tits, sparrows and blue tits, which all come a-calling together every morning.

That’s enough Christmassy kits for now. I fancy doing some sewing, so this is the next UFO that I’m going to tackle. This one wasn’t even started and abandoned, just bought and neglected!

Ragdoll bunny kit

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