Ragdoll bunny

UFO number three completed

I really didn’t enjoy making this.

I’m not a patient sewer and it’s kits like this that bring out the worst in me. I bought it years ago but only started it back in January. That I decorated a bedroom, finished two embroideries, started a couple of crochet projects, and began a colossal lockdown-3 project listening to all 70 of Prince’s albums in chronological order since starting the kit in January probably tells you everything about my enthusiasm for it. 

The kit comprises everything to make a ragdoll bunny with various outfits. The pieces are printed onto quite sturdy fabric rather than material provided with a paper pattern.

Ragdoll bunny kit

It started ok, but I think it could have been made simpler for novices like me. I know enough about sewing and have followed patterns previously, but I’m not an expert by any means. It was unnecessarily fiddly at times, and the instructions weren’t always clear. I just think it could all have been done better.

Ragdoll bunny

I was already a bit fed up with it, then I got really fed up with it when there wasn’t enough stuffing provided. Then I got really, really fed up with it when I couldn’t find the pieces to make the hat. [NB: I later found them in my sewing box!] By the time I’d completed the rabbit and dress, and then found that pieces were missing, I stopped caring about it and rushed to finish it. The instructions also seemed to run out of enthusiasm at this point too and just weren’t clear enough. My topstitching on the collar is less than neat, and the nose is wonky, and I’m afraid that I don’t care enough about it to put it right.

Ragdoll bunny

It is done.



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