Ribbon embroidery kit finished close up

UFO number four completed

My fourth UFO for 2021. As with so many of my kits, I bought this at one of the Knitting and Stitching shows. I get a little over-enthusiastic at these shows, wanting to buy lots of new things to try. I like kits because they’re a gateway into trying a new craft without having to invest too much in case you don’t like it.

This kit is ribbon embroidery, which is completely new to me, so I was looking forward to starting it.

The first instruction was to place the heart template under the fabric and mark where the flowers and buttons should go. Well, that would work if you could see through the fabric, but it was impossible to see anything even when I held it up to the light. Not a good start.

Ribbon embroidery kit fail

As with so many kits that I’ve tried, the instructions weren’t particularly clear. However, I could at least search online for a better explanation about how to do things. Once I’d done this and discovered how to do ribbon stitch and gathered stitch correctly, and after a couple of messy first attempts, I rather enjoyed this little kit. The end result is far from perfect, but once I had got used to what I was supposed to be doing, I got into the swing of things and completed it over a couple of afternoons.

Ribbon embroidery kit finished

Would I try ribbon embroidery again? I’m not sure. I have seen some fabulous work by other crafters, and I did enjoy making the kit, but I’m not sure if it’s one for me. 


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