Nigella wreath 2021

Another day, another wreath

I made one of these nigella wreaths last year and loved it. I keep it in my craft room because I don’t want it to get damaged by the elements and it’s still looking pretty good one year on.

I had a glut of nigella in my wildflower patch this year, so I decided to make another one. Everything in the wreath is from my garden – there are two types of eryngium, poppy heads, allium heads, and lots of nigella.

Pots of nigella

I remembered that working with the nigella stalks was quite tricky last year so I tried soaking them to soften them, which worked a treat. This allowed me to weave them into the wreath base without needing to use any wire or glue which means that when the wreath has passed its best, it can just go straight in the green bin.

Nigella wreath 2021

Making this wreath was the perfect way to spend a few hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Nigella wreath 2021

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