Lily and friends

UFO number six completed

This unfinished project is another kit from another craft show. I remember seeing these Lily and friends dolls in their cute outfits and fell in love with them, as did an awful lot of other people at the show: it was an incredibly busy stall.

The kit is mostly hand sewing, which I’m a little bit more comfortable with, and the fabric used is mostly felt, which is so forgiving.

Lily and friends kit

When I last put the kit down, I’d reached up to the point of making the legs. There was one finished leg, and I could see that the other one had been cut from the fabric, but could I find it anywhere? No. Very frustrating, but that’s what happens when you don’t finish things at the time. I had just enough fabric left to make another leg, which was very lucky. The original dolls don’t have a mouth, but I wanted mine to have one, so I embroidered something simple.

When it came to the clothes, there was enough fabric to make one outfit however the kit included patterns to make lots of other things. I couldn’t find the pattern for the boots (probably with the missing leg!) but I was able to improvise.

So, we have an A-line skirt with vest, and beret; purple raglan sleeve coat, cloche hat and shoulder bag, wool tunic dress with embroidered waistcoat; best dress; embroidered vest and wrap around pleated skirt; casual trousers; cape; gathered skirt and peasant blouse; cotton tunic dress; jacket.

Lily and friends outfits

The accessories are really cute. 

Lily and friends with hippy bag

But I think this is my favourite.

Lily and friends dog coat

How about a little dog to go with the coat?

Lily and friends

And even better, how about a dog back pack?


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