Mosaic Crochet Hekla Mittens

Mosaic Crochet Mittens

My first completed project of 2022 – mittens!

They are the first mittens I’ve ever made, and it was also my first attempt at mosaic crochet.

Mosaic Crochet Hekla Mittens

The pattern is by Tinna, an Icelandic textile artist and crochet designer. It took me a little while to understand it, but by the time I came to make the second glove, it all made perfect sense! 

This was a great stash-busting project, and eagle-eyed readers will spot that I’ve used some of the yarns left over from the Winter Berries Blanket.

Mosaic Crochet Hekla Mittens

They have come up a bit too big for me, so I’ll go down a size when I make my next pair, but they were a quick and enjoyable make.


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