Heart-shaped wreath

A Valentine’s wreath

My garden shed has somewhat been taken over by flowers that I cut for drying last summer. I had two trays of nigella pods, which I couldn’t bear to get rid of, so I decided to make another wreath.

This was the first heart-shaped wreath that I’ve made. I had some strong wire in the house (no idea what its original purpose was), but it was stiff enough to hold a fairly rigid shape. I used this to make a frame, which I covered with some vines (Virginia creeper, I think).

Heart-shaped wreath frame

Then, I just weaved the nigella into the frame – I had exactly the right amount of flowers to complete it.

I do love using nigella in wreaths. The delicate colours of the pods are so beautiful.

Pots of nigella

As always, when I’m making wreaths they take my mind off everything. And here, in the UK, we need A LOT of distraction right now.


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