A Scarf for Lewy

A Scarf for Lewy

I’ve just finished making two scarves for my first charity project in quite some time.

Earlier in the year, The Lewy Body Society put out a call asking for volunteers to make scarves for an awareness project. These scarves are being joined together to make one huge scarf, that will be wrapped around the Royal Albert Hall on 22 September to raise awareness of Lewy body dementia. Lewy body dementia is the second most common, but very little-known, type of dementia in older people.

My first scarf was made using primrose stitch, not one that I’ve tried before.

A Scarf for Lewy
A Scarf for Lewy – primrose stitch

The second scarf has a ribbed pattern, made by working into the back loops of the stitches. Both scarves were very good yarn stash busters!

A Scarf for Lewy
A Scarf for Lewy – ribbed stitch

The scarves will be separated after the event and offered to homeless and refugee groups, so lots of good will come out of this campaign. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Royal Albert Hall adorned with all of the scarves in September. Apparently, the charity has received so many contributions that it thinks there will be enough to go around the building several times!


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