Christmas tree embroidery challenge

Christmas projects 2022

Here’s a little round-up of all of my Christmas crafting.

I was super-organised and made my Christmas cards early because I knew the embroidery would take a little time to complete. By far, the hardest thing to do, however, was getting the ‘Happy Christmas’ stamp straight on them!

Christmas jumper cards

I made five wreaths for friends and family. Everything, apart from the pine cones, came from my garden. 

Festive wreaths

I was going to use some leylandii in the wreaths, but it didn’t look quite right – so I made this instead. 

Festive tree decoration

But by far, this was my favourite festive project. 

Christmas tree embroidery challenge

I only recently became aware of em_bea_roidery, but for the last few years she has created a holiday embroidery challenge over on Instagram. This was so much fun and was really manageable, with just one element being stitched each day in the lead up to Christmas. It was a great opportunity to practise some new stitches and use up some more of my craft stash!


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