Crocheted baby blanket

Baby blankets

One of the lovely ladies I work with is expecting twins in the spring, so I have made her a couple of baby blankets.

I found a pretty pattern online.

Crocheted baby blanket

Unfortunately, I soon discovered several mistakes in it, and the designer was unclear about how much yarn would be needed. I didn’t want to run out, so I ordered an extra ball of each colour just in case, so I now have four unused balls of wool left over. I’ll use them eventually, but it was just really frustrating. If you do want to make this, I suggest you read the comments on Ravelry first, so you know where the errors are – disappointing that even though they have been pointed out, the pattern still hasn’t been corrected.

Crocheted baby blanket

Thankfully it was a free pattern – I would have been very annoyed had I paid for it. 

Crocheted baby blanket

Anyway, mini-rant over, I’m pleased with the finished blankets (especially that I managed to finish them in time, as I only started just after Christmas) and hope my friend will like them too.

Crocheted baby blanket


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