Baby comforter - crochet rabbit close up

Baby comforters

With the baby blankets finished and having so much wool left over, I decided to make a couple of comforters for my friend, who is expecting twins next month.

I found a couple of patterns from Paintbox Yarns, which were quick to make and had easy-to-follow instructions. I adapted them a bit and worked the toy heads as amigurumi instead of how was instructed, as I found this easier to crochet.

I always struggle to do embroidery on crochet because of how the stitches fall. The poor little bear went through several faces until I got one I was fairly happy with; I’m quite pleased with the rabbit’s face though.

I gave the blankets and comforters to my friend today, and she was very pleased with them.

Baby comforter - crochet rabbit and bear

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