Crochet chicks

Easter Chicks 🐥

I’ve been busy making little Easter chicks for Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridgeshire.

I contacted Arthur Rank Hospice at a very stressful time in my life when my dad was spending his final days in a very noisy and overstretched NHS ward. I didn’t think he was getting the care that he deserved and with NHS palliative care staff not available at the weekend (🤔) I didn’t know who else to turn to for advice.

The man who I spoke to at the Hospice was so calm, kind and reassuring and while it was too late for anything to be done for my dad, for a few minutes I was distracted from the horrors that we were all living at that time.

Crochet chicks

I hope these little fellows raise a few pennies for them.

Crochet chicks

If you would like to get involved, by either sending chocolate eggs or Easter chicks, you can find more details here – Arthur Rank Hospice.






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