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Florence had a very good feeling




Crochet bunting

Making ‘not too bad’ look better

I mentioned earlier in the year that I had to have a lot of work done in the garden last autumn, removing trees and hedges. This also meant that I had to have some fencing put up to replace the hedge. The fence is starting to grow on me, and it does look quite golden when the sun shines on it, it’s just that there’s a lot of it and unfortunately I have another side of the garden that’s yet to be done.  Continue reading

A Spicier Life CAL Part Two

A Spicier Life – part two

I’ve completed part two of the Spicier Life CAL that I started earlier this year. This section was made up of 18 rows and introduced Easter eggs, bobbles, puffs and spike stitches.

The pattern is full of clear instructions and photographs making it very easy to follow.

A Spicier Life Crochet CAL Part Two

I’m really enjoying making this. It’s nice to be able to pick it up and complete a row or two between other things that I’m making, rather than feeling overwhelmed by a big project to complete.

Spicier Life CAL – part one

Crochet pot holder

Quick crochet pot holder

Just before Christmas, I popped into Wilko to get some bits and pieces for the kitchen. On my way to the checkout, I noticed they were selling yarn. I didn’t need any, but it was cheap, and it was Christmas, and it looked pretty, so I bought a ball. My original plan was to use it to crochet some gift tags, but I ran out of time, so it ended up going in with the rest of my stash. Continue reading

Crocheted eggs

Happy Easter

These pretty eggs were quick to make. I bought some small polystyrene eggs from Hobbycraft and then raided my stash of Stylecraft yarn – I love this combination of colours. I made the egg covers up as I went along, taking inspiration from amigurumi, granny square and mandala patterns.

I also made a basket for them, giving it a bit of structure by crocheting the last row over some wire.

I hope that you have a very nice Easter weekend and that you get time to do lots of crafting.

Basket of crochet eggs


Easter chick egg covers

Chicks with attitude

Last year I made some Easter chick egg covers for Francis House Children’s Hospice, who sell them on with chocolate eggs inside. I sadly had to buy some creme eggs to test them, to make sure they were the right size and that the eggs wouldn’t fall out when they were lifted. Needs must.

I’m not sure they actually look like chicks. They look like they’ve got a bit of attitude.

Punky chicks!

Amigurumi elephant

Sad little elephant

This sad-looking little fellow is one of my recent makes. The yarn was a bargain buy from Flying Tiger. I think it only cost a pound, so I didn’t expect much from it, but it was probably the best yarn that I’ve ever worked with for this type of project.

I used Google to translate the pattern from Danish. I then did a little bit of detective work to correct Google’s translation, which had mysteriously included some strange instructions. Once this was sorted out, it was a lovely pattern to follow. My little elephant is just 8cm tall, but if you fancy making a larger one, there’s a pattern for that.


King Cole Riot Chunky Yarn - Moors

Not another hat and scarf

I love King Cole Riot Chunky yarn, it comes in such a lovely range of colours. I bought some of the moors shade ages ago and I’ve been looking lovingly at it all this time, not exactly sure what I’d make with it. I have a gazillion scarves and hats that I’ve either knitted or crocheted, and I don’t really wear hats anyway.  Continue reading