Crocheted poppies

A Wreath of Remembrance

I’ve wanted to make a poppy remembrance wreath for quite some time and with the 100 year anniversary of the armistice soon approaching, I thought it was high time I got started.

I’ve crocheted a couple of wreaths before – my spring one, which I love, and a winter one which I made for my aunt and uncle.

The base is a polystyrene ring – I couldn’t decide if it would be better to wrap black yarn around it or crochet a cover for it. I went for the latter knowing that crocheting with black yarn is not for the faint-hearted! With hindsight, I wish I’d made the cover with a shorter stitch because I can see the polystyrene through it in places. I stuck with it, knowing that it would be covered with poppies.

There are lots of different poppy patterns available online, many of which I tried, and it took a while to find one that most resembled the Royal British Legion’s paper poppy.

My original plan was to cover the wreath in poppies, but it didn’t look quite right – definitely, a case of less is more. However I did feel that it needed something else, so I made some leaves.

Crocheted leaves

I stitched the poppies and leaves onto the wreath but still felt that something was missing, so I wondered about wrapping something around it and came across the idea of making some crocheted barbed wire (as you do).

Crocheted barbed wire

I stitched the ‘barbed wire’ on to the back of the wreath, and ta-dah…

Crocheted remembrance poppy wreath

Crocheted remembrance poppy wreath close up

What do you think?






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