Christmas wreath making

Five green rings

Ever since I started making wreaths a couple of years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for bits that I can use to decorate them. Earlier in the year, I came across a large branch that had fallen off a willow tree. I’d heard that willow was great to use in wreaths, so I collected some of the fallen strands to make this year’s Christmas wreath bases.

I ended up making five Christmas wreaths out of the willow. The first three were for the lovely ladies at work. I tried something a bit different this year and sprayed some of the dried flowers and seed heads with silver paint left over from another project.

Christmas wreaths

I ran out of paint for the other two wreaths and ended up keeping them completely natural. They needed a bit of oomph, so I added different types of ivy and other leafy plants from my garden to give a bit more colour. I completely wrecked my hands though, the butcher’s broom and eryngium are SO sharp!

Christmas wreath 2020
Christmas wreath 2020

I’d collected so many bits during the year that I had quite a lot left over and decided to complete a project that I intended to do last Christmas.

Christmas tree decoration

The frame for this started life as a cardholder last year, but as the cards didn’t sit that well on it, I decided to decorate it with the left over pieces and put it outside to cover a boarded-up shed window. I’m rather pleased with it.


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