A Spicier Life Blanket - part 4

A Spicier Life – part four

I’ve completed part four of the Spicier Life blanket. I only have one more part to make, plus the border, and then it’s finished. I’ll be sad when it’s done because I’ve enjoyed making it so much. 

This section started off with raised lines, using front and back post stitches. There were some more popcorn and bobble stitches, floral puffs, and sonic waves, which reminded me of the Attic 24 blanket that I made last year.

A Spicier Life Blanket - part 4

I’m tempted to add more sections because there is plenty of yarn left over and it’s going to be quite small when it’s finished. We’ll see. I’ve already seen two more blankets that I’d like to make. This coastal crochet one looks lovely, and this sunshine and showers blanket is the one that I originally planned to make with this yarn pack. Next year, perhaps!





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